It is absolutely my honour to introduce the project “Extending Senior’s Horizon”. I am delighted that our club felt the need to undertaken this project to train seniors use technology effectively.
This is our opportunity to create the joy of being connected and engaged for many seniors. This will help grandparents and parents to keep the communication alive and more frequent with their beloved ones. For example – Grandparent or parents ability to communicate and connect using technology with loved ones who are serving or studying in other parts of world can bring joy to their life. This can enable seniors to share and pass on their experiences by participating on different forums and blogs.  We can confident that they will enjoy sharing their experiences with new professionals. In return this is an opportunity for everyone to learn.
We encourage everyone to get engaged in this project to change lives”.  You can be part of it by contributing your time, sharing this project with others or donating toward this project.
For further details please contact our club or visit the website
Tim Tabassum Iqbal 
Project Director
Extending Seniors' Horizon Program
Rotary Club Of
Mississauga - City Centre

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